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TFSA Conference 2018

The Thermal & Fluid Sciences Affiliates and Sponsors Conference will be held at Stanford University on February 1-2, 2018 (two full days).

The conference is the main event organized within our program. It will be an exciting conference presenting the latest research of the Stanford Thermal and Fluid Sciences program. The 2017 conference had over 50 participants, including Affiliates representatives, research sponsors, and special guests. The technical program included more than 50 oral presentations and a poster session.

For the upcoming meeting, we expect a similarly comprehensive program with contributions covering all the areas of our research activities, including fluid mechanics, multiphase and multiphysics flows, heat transfer applications, combustion science, diagnostics, and microscale flow. We will describe several new initiatives that expand our research activities providing opportunities for industrial collaboration.

In addition to the oral presentations, we will once again have a poster session, which is intended for students and post-docs to present work in progress in a less formal atmosphere.

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An important part of the meeting is discussions with the Stanford Thermal and Fluid Sciences faculty and research staff. We hope you will use this opportunity to renew your friendships with the faculty and research staff, and to meet some of our outstanding students. Personal meetings with faculty and students can be arranged and are encouraged. Please let us know if you would like us to make such arr angements.

We look forward to your participation and comments. Please feel free to contact Corinne Beck at (650) 725-0704 if you would like any assistance.