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TFSA 2024: Day 1 Posters

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Day 1 Posters

Miya Coimbra, Beverley McKeon, Manuel de la Torre JuárezCharacterizing turbulence regimes in Jezero Crater, Mars
Federico Rios Tascon, Aakash Patil, Peter J. Schmid, Beverley J. McKeonTurbulent Flow Models Using Fourier Neural Operators
Miles Chan, Ugo Piomelli, Beverley McKeonResolvent analysis for turbulent flow over surface roughness
Tomek Jaroslawski, Divya Jaganathan, Rama Govindarajan, Beverley J McKeonExperiments on the Dynamics of Settling Particles
Tanner Harms, Steven Brunton, Beverley McKeonComputer Vision to ID Flow Features
Yuting Huang, Simon S. Toedtli, Gregory P. Chini and Beverley J. McKeonQuantification of Non-linear Interactions in Turbulence
Kevin Cherng, Daniel Liverscu and Sanjiva K. LeleHeat-transfer and transport property contrast effects on Rayleigh-Taylor Turbulence
Salvador Gomez and Beverley J. McKeonResolvent Amplification of Large Scale Structures in Adverse Pressure Gradient Turbulent Boundary Layers
Ryan Hass and Sanjiva K. LeleLarge eddy simulations of shearless mixing in the presence of a density interface
Andy Wu and Sanjiva K. LeleA Two Neural Network Architecture for Sub-Filter Stress Modelling
Michael P. Whitmore, Sanjeeb T. Bose and Parviz MoinSlip-Wall-Modeled Large-Eddy Simulation for Prediction of Turbulent Smooth-Body Separation
Carlos A. Gonzalez, Shaun R. Harris, Parviz MoinA NLPSE/WMLES framework for simulating transitional boundary layers
Ahmed Elnahhas, Emma Lenz, Parviz Moin, Adrián Lozano-Duran & H. Jane BaeInvestigating wall-bounded turbulence dynamics using spatiotemporal tracking and network-centric methods
Rahul Agrawal, Sanjeeb Bose, and Parviz MoinReynolds number dependence of length scales governing turbulent flow separation with application to wall-modeled large-eddy simulations
Brett Bornhoft, Suhas S. Jain, Sanjeeb T. Bose, and Parviz MoinNear-wall modeling for LES of turbulent channel flows with rough walls
Arun Balakrishna, Hao Fu, Morgan O'NeillGravity Wave Interactions in the Stratocumulus-Topped Boundary Layer
Michael LoCascio, Christopher Bay, Luis "Tony" Martínez-Tossas, and Catherine GorléA reduced-order analytical model for wind farm layout optimization
Nicholas Bachand, Catherine GorléReducing Building Energy Use Through Natural Cooling: Where is it Possible?
Max Beeman, Hanul Hwang, Catherine GorléValidating Numerical Modeling of Wave Propagation in a Large Facility
Omkar Shende and Ali ManiParticle drift modifies turbulent dispersion
Dana Lynn Lavacot, Jessie Liu, Brandon Morgan, Ali ManiAssessment and improvement of mean scalar transport models for Rayleigh-Taylor Instability using the Macroscopic Forcing Method
Lucy Brown, Suhas Jain, Parviz MoinA novel phase field method for droplet freezing