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What is the TFSA Program?

The Thermal and Fluid Sciences Industrial Affiliates (TFSA) Program is the industrial liaison of the following research groups in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University:

The program has been running for over 50 years and has established and maintained collaborative research interests between Stanford faculty and engineers across a broad range of industries. The program serves as a two-way conduit for recent research findings and the exploration of industrial problems that motivate and inspire new areas of research. Administered at the faculty level, the program emphasizes direct collaborative communication between Stanford and its industry partners.


Affiliate Membership

The TFSA program enables a direct personal working relationship between engineers in industry and Stanford faculty. When a company enrolls in the program, we will match your company liaison with a member of Stanford faculty to establish areas of shared interest. Our goal is to create a community of industrial and academic researchers to engage in cutting edge interdisciplinary research. Benefits include:

  • Annual company visit by Stanford faculty, and ad hoc visits from research staff and students.
  • Invitation to the Annual TFSA Affiliates Conference.
  • Participation by invitation in other Stanford conferences and meetings e.g. The Center for Turbulence Research Summer Program.
  • Early pre-prints of TFSA’s research publications
  • Direct line of communication with Stanford faculty to discuss new ideas, problems, or enquire about a new process or area of research.
  • Exceptional networking opportunities. We can help you find local experts in your areas of research not only within Stanford but in other areas of industry and academia.
  • An opportunity to recruit from the best and the brightest students in the area of thermal and fluid sciences.
  • Training sessions in specialized areas of research.
  • Influence the course of future research at Stanford! Through close collaboration with faculty you have the opportunity to engage them in your current research interests or areas of difficulty and affect their future research goals.
  • Regular newsletters to keep you up to date with latest research, upcoming events, and any internal updates.

How to Become an Affiliate?

To get your engineers and Stanford’s faculty working together on a first name basis:

  • Send your expression of interest to the TFSA Manager, Catrin Hunter 
  • Complete an Affiliate Agreement and pay $35,000 annually for full benefits.
  • Name one of your own technical people as the primary contact point within the company.
  • Choose one member of the faculty as your principal liaison person. (While the choice is primarily up to the sponsor, the faculty person must also agree to the relationship).

For more information about Affiliate Programs at Stanford - Stanford Research Policy Handbook

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