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TFSA 2024: Day 2 Posters

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Day 2 Posters

Gibson Clark, Taylor Rault, Sean Clees, Jesse Streicher, and Ronald K. HansonMulti-Speciation Measurements of Hydrogen-Rich Fuel Pyrolysis Behind Reflected Shock Waves
Vivek Boddapati, Pujan Biswas, Alka Panda, Andrew R. Klingberg, Rishav Choudhary, and Ronald K. HansonIR-HyChem: Modeling and designing the fuels of tomorrow
Lingzhi (Jackie) Zheng, Miguel Figueroa-Labastida, Jesse W. Streicher, and Ronald K. HansonNew insights into laminar flame speeds of alternative fuels at temperatures above 750 K measured behind reflected shock waves
Tal Schwartz, Alexis Thoeny, Christopher L. Strand, and Ronald K. HansonDesigning the Stanford High-enthalpy Optically-accessible Tunnel/Tube (SHOTT)
Josh Vandervort, Sean Clees, Joana Santos, Christopher Strand, Ronald Hanson, Amani Gohnem, Benjamin French, Alastair Gilmour, Xavier FerletLaser absorption sensors for crank-angle resolved measurements of temperature and species in high-performance engine intake and exhaust flows
Donatella Passiatore, Davy Brouzet, Jonathan Wang, Gianluca IaccarinoInteraction between laser-induced ignition and turbulence at sub-atmospheric pressure
Davy Brouzet, Donatella Passiatore, Parviz MoinDevelopment of a 2-steps chemistry mechanism for low-pressure oxy-methane combustion
Davy Brouzet, Benyamin Krisna, Matthias IhmeIndirect combustion noise by turbulent flow fields
Tony Zahtila, Donatella Passiatore, Diego Rossinelli, Gianluca IaccarinoLow fidelity CFD methods for the quantification of ignition probability in combustors
Alboreno Voci, Mario Di Renzo, Sanjiva Lele, Gianluca IaccarinoAdvances on the multiblock HTR solver
Christopher Williams, Mario Di Renzo, Parviz MoinModeling of Thermochemical Nonequilibrium for Laser-Based Ignition
Christopher Williams, Mario Di Renzo, Parviz MoinDirect numerical simulation of a strongly reacting turbulent hypersonic boundary layer in chemical nonequilibrium
Henry Collis, Shahab Mirjalili, Ali ManiRobust Multiphase Implementation in HTR
Reed Brown, Shahab Mirjalili, Makrand Khanwale, Ali ManiBoundary conditions for the treatment of contact lines in 2nd-order diffuse interface methods
Shahab Mirjalili, Henry Collis, Gianluca IaccarinoAssessing the requirements for modeling sprays in simulations of the liquid model rocket combustor
Chris Cundy, Shahab Mirjalili, Charlelie Laurent, Stefano Ermon, Ali ManiMachine Learning Models for Liquid Drop Atomization
Wai Tong Chung, Charlelie Laurent, Donatella Passiatore, Matthias IhmePhysics-informed Machine Learning for Rapid Ignition Probability Mapping
Charlelie Laurent, Gianluca IaccarinoEmbedding Machine Learning in Scientific Simulations with the Legion Programming System
Caetano Melone and Steve JonesStrategies for Efficient Solver Development and Deployment
Tiffany Fan, Murray Cutforth, Marta D'Elia, Nat Trask, Alireza Doostan, Eric DarvePhysically Interpretable Representation Learning for Turbulent Combustion Systems
Jia Liang, William Colocho, Eric Darve, Daniel RatnerCoincident Learning for Beam-based RF Station Fault Identification Using Phase Information at SLAC Linac Coherent Light Source
Anjini Chandra, Steven Dai, Hang Song and Sanjiva K. LeleSimulation and analysis of transcritical turbulent boundary layers
Steven Dai, Anjini Chandra, Hang Song and Sanjiva K. LeleTurbulent shear layers in a dense gas
Kevin Dong, Yue Zhang, Gregory P. Smith, Hai WangFoundational Fuel Chemistry Model Version 2.0
Amitesh S. Jayaraman, Ethan S. Genter, Wendi Dong, Hai WangCollision enhancement in shocks and its implication on gas-phase detonations: a molecular dynamics and gas-kinetic theory study
Zoe Barbeau and Sanjiva K. LeleAssessment of Localized Artificial Diffusivity (LAD) and Surface Tension Methods towards Modelling a Two-Phase Mixing Layer
Greg Stroot and Beverley McKeonModeling freestream disturbances generated by wall-turbulence
Tim Flint and Parviz MoinDisturbance receptivity on complex geometries