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Report Number Authors Title
TF-1 (Sep-73) A. Leonard On the Energy Cascade in Large-Eddy Simulations of Turbulent Fluid Flows
TF-2 (Jun-74) J.M. Sicilian & A. Leonard The Use of Fourier Expansions in Turbulent Flow Simulations
TF-3 (Aug-74) S. Shaanan, J.H. Ferziger A Direct Method of Solution of Poisson Equation Accurate to Fourth Order Computation of Turbulent Flows
TF-4 (Apr-75) W.C. Reynolds Computation of Turbulent Flows
TF-5 (May-75) D. Kwak, W.C. Reynolds, J.H. Ferziger Three Dimensional, Time-Dependent Computation of Turbulent Flow
TF-6 (Aug-75) S. Shaanan, J.H. Ferziger, W.C. Reynolds Numerical Simulation of Turbulence in the Presence of Shear
TF-7 (May-75) H. Lee Norris, W.C. Reynolds Turbulent Channel Flow with a Moving Wavy Boundary
TF-8 (May-75) M. Acharya, W.C. Reynolds Measurements and Predictions of a Fully Developed Turbulent Channel Flow with Imposed Controlled Oscillations
TF-9 (Mar-77) R.A. Clark, J.H. Ferziger, W.C. Reynolds Evaluation of Subgrid-Scale Turbulence Models using a Fully Simulated Turbulent Flow
TF-10 Numbering Error Does Not Exist
TF-11 (Apr-78) N.N. Mansour, J.H. Ferziger, W.C. Reynolds Large-Eddy Simulation of a Turbulent Mixing Layer
TF-12 (May-78) P. Moin, W.C. Reynolds, J.H. Ferziger Large Eddy Simulation of Incompressible Turbulent Channel Flow
TF-13 (Mar-81) W.J. Feiereisen, W.C. Reynolds, J.H. Ferziger Numerical Simulation of a Compressible Homogeneous, Turbulent Shear Flow
TF-14 (Mar-81) A.B. Cain, W.C. Reynolds, J.H. Ferziger A Three-Dimensional Simulation of Transition and Early Turbulence in a Time-Developing Mixing Layer
TF-15 (May-81) E. Shirani, J.H. Ferziger, W.C. Reynolds Mixing of a Passive Scalar in Isotropic and Sheared Homogeneous Turbulence
TF-16 (Mar-81) J.H. Ferziger Higher-Level Simulations of Turbulent Flows
TF-17 (Mar-82) E.E. Bouchard Jr, W.C. Reynolds The Structure and Growth of the Mixing Layer Region of a Round Jet
TF-18 (Dec-82) R. Jayaraman, P. Parikh, W.C. Reynolds An Experimental Study of the Dynamics of An Unsteady Turbulent Boundary Layer
TF-19 (May-83) J. Bardina, J.H. Ferziger, W.C. Reynolds Improved Turbulence Models Based on Large Eddy Simulation of Homogeneous, Incompressible, Turbulent Flows
TF-20 (Jul-84) R.D. Moser, P. Moin Direct Numerical Simulation of Curved Turbulent Channel Flow
TF-21 (May-85) C.T. Wu, J.H. Ferziger, D.R. Chapman Simulation and Modeling of Homogeneous, Compressed Turbulence
TF-22 (Aug-85) M. Lee, W.C. Reynolds Bifurcating and Blooming Jets
TF-23 (Dec-85) S.C. Caruso, J.H. Ferziger, J. Oliger Adaptive Grid Techniques for Elliptic Fluid-Flow Problems
TF-24 (Nov-85) M.J. Lee, W.C. Reynolds Numerical Experiments on the Structure of Homogeneous Turbulence
TF-25 (Aug-86) M.M. Rogers, P. Moin, W.C. Reynolds The Structure and Modeling of the Hydrodynamic and Passive Scalar Fields in Homogeneous Turbulent Shear Flow
TF-26 (Sep-86) P.S. Lowery, W.C. Reynolds Numerical Simulation of a Spatially-Developing, Forced, Plane Mixing Layer
TF-27 (Nov-86) K.L. Tzuoo, J.H. Ferziger, S.J. Kline Zonal Models of Turbulence and Their Application to Free Shear Flows
TF-28 (Jan-87) A.A. Naqwi, W.C. Reynolds Dual Cylindrical Wave Laser-Doppler Method for Measurement of Skin Friction in Fluid Flow
TF-29 (May-87) G.J. Brereton, W.C. Reynolds Experimental Study of the Fluid Mechanics of Unsteady Turbulent Boundary Layers
TF-30 (May-87) W.H. Finley, J.B. Keller, J.H. Ferziger Instability and Transition in Curved Channel Flow
TF-31 (May-87) B. Singer, J.H. Ferziger, H. Reed Numerical Simulation Studies of Laminar-Turbulent Transition in the Plane Channel
TF-32 (Dec-87) U. Piomelli, J.H. Ferziger, P. Moin Models for Large Eddy Simulations of Turbulent Channel Flows including Transpiration
TF-33 (Jun-88) R.K. Avva, S.J. Kline, J.H. Ferziger Computation of the Turbulent Flow over a Backward-Facing Step using the Zonal Modeling Approach
TF-34 (Sep-88) L.L. Pauley, P. Moin, W.C. Reynolds A Numerical Study of Unsteady Laminar Boundary Layer Separation
TF-35 (Dec-88) D.E. Parekh, A. Leonard, W.C. Reynolds Bifurcating Jets at High Reynolds Numbers
TF-36 (Aug-93) S. Bordalo, J.H. Ferziger Zonal Models for Turbulence and Their Application to Boundary Layer Flows
TF-37 (Nov-88) K.S. Yang, P.R. Spalart, J.H. Ferziger Numerical Studies on Laminar-Turbulent Transition in Boundary Layers
TF-38 (Jan-89) B. Afshari, J.H. Ferziger Computation of Three-Dimensional Turbulent Mixed Convection Boundary Layers
TF-39 (Apr-89) A. A. Vogel, W.C. Reynolds A Knowledge-Based Approach to Automated Flow-Field Zoning for Computational Fluid Dynamics
TF-40 (Mar-89) M.L. Merriam An Entropy-Based Approach to Nonlinear Stability
TF-41 (Dec-89) K. Shariff, A. Leonard, J.H. Ferziger Dynamics of a Class of Vortex Rings
TF-42 (Dec-88) W.W. Humphreys, W.C. Reynolds An Experimental Study of the Effect of Streamwise Vortices on Unsteady Turbulent Boundary-Layer Separation
TF-43 (Aug-89) S. Mahalingam, B.J. Cantwell, J.H. Ferziger Non-Premixed Combustion: Full Numerical Simulation of a Coflowing Axisymmetric Jet, Inviscid and Viscous Stability Analysis
TF-44 (Oct-89) C.J. Rutland, J.H. Ferziger, B.J. Cantwell Effects of Strain, Vorticity, and Turbulence on Premixed Flames
TF-45 (Sep-89) N.D. Sandham, W.C. Reynolds A Numerical Investigation of the Compressible Mixing Layer
TF-46 (Nov-89) J.H. Chen, B.J. Cantwell, N.N. Mansour Direct Numerical Simulations of a Plane Compressible Wake: Stability, Vorticity Dynamics, and Topology
TF-47 (Nov-89) G.S. Lewis, B.J. Cantwell An Experimental Investigation of Low-Speed Non-Premixed Flames and Buoyant Jets Using Particle Tracking
TF-48 (Apr-90) G.N. Coleman, J.H. Ferziger, P.R. Spalart A Numerical Study of the Stratified Turbulent Ekman Layer
TF-49 (Aug-90) R.W. Henk, W.C. Reynolds, H.L. Reed An Experimental Investigation of the Fluid Mechanics of an Unsteady, Three-Dimensional Separation
TF-50 (Jan-91) G.A. Blaisdell, N.N. Mansour, W.C. Reynolds Numerical Simulations of Compressible Homogeneous Turbulence
TF-51 (Mar-91) A.B. Carlson, W.C. Reynolds An Experimental Technique for Investigation of Instantaneous Wall Heat Flux to a Turbulent Boundary Layer in Water
TF-52 (Mar-92) S. Lee, P. Moin, S.K. Lele Interaction of Isotropic Turbulence with a Shock Wave
TF-53 (Mar-92) D.S. Shin, J.H. Ferziger Stability of the Compressible Reacting Mixing Layer
TF-54 (Apr-92) J.C. Neves, P. Moin, R.D. Moser Numerical Study of Axial Turbulent Flow Over Long Cylinders
TF-55 (Sep-92) H. Choi, P. Moin, J. Kim Turbulent Drag Reduction: Studies of Feedback Control and Flow Over Riblets
TF-56 (Oct-92) O.H. Planche, W.C. Reynolds A Numerical Investigation of the Compressible Reacting Mixing Layer
TF-57 (Dec-92) O. Sendstad, P. Moin The Near Wall Mechanics of Three-Dimensional Turbulent Boundary Layers
TF-58 (Jan-95) H. Le, P. Moin Direct Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Flow Over a Backward-Facing Step
TF-59 (Sep-93) P.J.D. Juvet, W.C. Reynolds Control of High Reynolds Number Round Jets
TF-60 (Oct-93) J.B. Perot, P. Moin Shear-Free Turbulent Boundary Layers: Physics and Modeling
TF-61 (Dec-94) S.C. Kassinos, W.C. Reynolds A Structure-Based Model for the Rapid Distortion of Homogeneous Turbulence
TF-62 (Dec-94) P. Beaudon, P. Moin Numerical Experiments on the Flow Past a Circular Cylinder at Sub-Critical Reynolds Number
TF-63 (Feb-95) K. Akselvoll, P. Moin Large Eddy Simulation of Turbulent Confined Coannular Jets and Turbulent Flow Over a Backward Facing Step
TF-64 (Mar-95) S.A. Jacobson, W.C. Reynolds An Experimental Investigation Towards the Active Control of Turbulent Boundary Layers
TF-65 (Jun-95) T. Colonius, P. Moin, S.K. Lele Direct Computation of Aeordynamic Sound
TF-66 (Nov-95) B.E. Mitchell, S.K. Lele, P. Moin Direct Computation of the Sound Generated by Subsonic and Supersonic Axisymmetric Jets
TF-67 (Jan-96) G. Lu, S.K. Lele A Numerical Investigation of Skewed Mixing Layers
TF-68 (Mar-96) Y. Na, P. Moin Direct Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Boundary Layers with Adverse Pressure Gradient and Separation
TF-69 (May-96) K. Mahesh, P. Moin, S.K. Lele The Interaction of a Shock Wave with a Turbulent Shear Flow
TF-70 (Aug-97) J. Chacín, B. Cantwell Study of Turbulence Structure Using the Invariants of the Velocity Gradient Tensor
TF-71 (Apr-97) S.S. Collis, S.K. Lele A Computational Investigation of Receptivity in High-Speed Flow Near a Swept Leading-Edge
TF-72 (Sep-97) J.B. Freund, P. Moin, S.K. Lele Compressibility Effects in a Turbulent Annular Mixing Layer
TF-73 (Feb-98) A.G. Kravchenko, P. Moin B-Spline Methods and Zonal Grids for Numberical Simulations of Turbulent Flows
TF-74 (Dec-98) Y. Shabany, P.A. Durbin Development and Analysis of a Well-Posed Model for the Turbulent Dispersion Tensor
TF-75 (Aug-99) M.J. Day, N.N. Mansour, W. C. Reynolds Structure and Stability of Compressible Reacting Mixing Layers
TF-76 (Aug-99) T. R. Bewley, P. Moin Optimal and Robust Control and Estimation of Transition, Convection, and Turbulence
TF-77 (Jan-00) R.G. Jacobs, P.A. Durbin Bypass Transition Phenomena Studied by Computer Simulation
TF-78 (Dec-99) T.A. Manning, S.K. Lele A Numerical Investigation of Sound Generation in Supersonic Jet Screech
TF-79 (May-00) S.M. Kumar, W.C. Reynolds, T.W. Kenny An Investigation of MEMS-Based Transducers for Boundary Layer Control
TF-80 (Jun-01) C.D. Pierce, P. Moin Progress-Variable Approach for Large Eddy Simulation of Turbulent Combustion
TF-81 (Sep-02) T. Ikeda, P.A. Durbin Direct Simulations of A Rough-Wall Channel Flow
TF-82 (Jun-03) E.P. Hammond, P. Moin Numerical Simulation of Capacitively-Coupled, Radio Frequency Plasma Discharges
TF-83 (Dec-03) C. Lui, S.K. Lele A Numerical Investigation of Shock-Associated Noise
TF-84 (Dec-03) C. Langer, W. C. Reynolds A New Algebraic Structure-Based Turbulence Model for Rotating Wall-Bounded Flows
TF-85 (Dec-03) S. Haire, W.C. Reynolds Toward An Affordable Two-Equation Structure-Based Turbulence Model
TF-86 (May-04) D. You, P. Moin, M. Wang, R. Mittal Study of Tip Clearance Flow in a Turbomachinery Cascade Using Large Eddy Simulation
TF-87 (Aug-04) Z. Xiong, S.K. Lele Stagnation Point Flow and Heat Transfer Under Free-Stream Turbulence
TF-88 (Nov-04) J.S. Paschkewitz, E.S.G. Shaqfeh Turbulent Drag Reduction Using Rigid Microfibers
TF-89 (Dec-04) W. Hwang, J.K. Eaton Modification of Homogeneous and Isotropic Turbulence by Solid Particles
TF–90 (Jun-04) S. Nagarajan, J.H. Ferziger, S.K. Lele Leading Edge Effects in Bypass Transition
TF-91 (Mar-05) C.T. Wall, P. Moin Numerical Methods for Large Eddy Simulation of Acoustic Combustion Instabilities
TF-92 (Jun-05) A.E. Honein, P. Moin Numerical Aspects of Compressible Turbulence Simulations
TF-93 (Jun-05) P.M. Kodzwa, J.K. Eaton Measurements of Film Cooling Performance in a Transonic Single Passage Model
TF-94 (Jun-05) C.D. Aubertine, J.K. Eaton Reynolds Number Effects on an Adverse Pressure Gradient Turbulent Boundary Layer
TF-95 (Aug-05) V.E. Terrapon, P. Moin Lagrangian Simulations of Turbulent Drag Reduction by a Dilute Solution of Polymers
TF-96 (Sep-05) A.L. Marsden, P. Moin, W. Meng Aerodynamic Noise Control by Optimal Shape Design
TF-97 (Sep-05) T.A. Zaki, P.A. Durbin Continuous Mode Interaction and the Bypass Route to Transition
TF-98 (Jan-06) J.A. Templeton, P. Moin, M. Wang Wall Models for Large-Eddy Simulation Based on Optimal Control Theory
TF-99 (May-06) C.W. Booten, C.J. Elkins, J.K. Eaton Rapid Heat Transfer Measurements in Complex Internal Flows
TF-100 (Dec-06) A.A. Shirgaonkar, S.K. Lele Large Eddy Simulations of Early Stage Aircraft Contrails
TF-101 (Jan-07) C.G. Matalanis, J.K. Eaton Wake Vortex Alleviation Using Rapidly Actuated Segmented Gurney Flaps
TF-102 (Mar-07) T. Tanaka, J.K. Eaton High Resolution Measurements of Turbulence Modification by Particles
TF-103 (Mar-07) L.C. Cheung, S.K. Lele Aeroacoustic Noise Prediction and the Dynamics of Shear Layers and Jets Using the Nonlinear Parabolized Stability Equations
TF-104 (Oct-07) M. Ihme, H. Pitsch Pollutant Formation and Noise Emission in Turbulent Non-Premixed Flames
TF-105 (Oct-07) M. Aryanpour, H. Pitsch Ab-Initio Modeling of Electrochemistry in Proton-Exchange-Membrane Fuel Cells
TF-106 (Mar-08) D.J. Cook , H. Pitsch Combustion and Ignition Modeling for IC Engines
TF-107 (Aug-08) A. Dhanda, H. Pitsch Experimental Analysis, Modeling and Optimal Control of PEM Fuel Cell Electrochemistry
TF-108 (Jun-08) S. Kang, P. Moin, G. Iaccarino An Improved Immersed Boundary Method for Computation of Turbulent Flows with Heat Transfer
TF-109 (Nov-08) V. Rai, H. Pitsch Molecular Modeling of PEM Fuel Cell Electrochemistry
TF-110 (Dec-08) Q. Wang, P. Moin, G. Iaccarino Uncertainty Quantification for Unsteady Fluid Flow using Adjoint-Based Approaches
TF-111 (Apr-09) A.J. Onstad, J.K. Eaton Additions to Compact Heat Exchanger Technology: Jet Impingement Cooling & Flow & Heat Transfer in Metal Foam-Fins
TF-112 (Mar-09) L. Shunn, P. Moin Large-Eddy Simulation of Combustion Systems with Convective Heat-Loss
TF-113 (Jun-09) A. Mani, P. Moin Optical Distortions by Compressible Turbulence
TF-114 (Mar-08) G. Blanquart, H. Pitsch Chemical and Statistical Soot Modeling
TF-115 (Jun-08) P. Pepiot, H. Pitsch Automatic Strategies to Model Transportation Fuel Surrogates
TF-116 (Jun-08) O. Desjardins, H. Pitsch Numerical Methods for Liquid Atomization and Application in Detailed Simulations of a Diesel Jet
TF-117 (Jun-09) E. Knudsen, H. Pitsch A Generalized Flamelet Model for Large Eddy Simulations of Turbulent Reactive Flows
TF-118 (Jun-10) Y. Kahlighi, P. Moin Computational Aeroacoustics of Complex Flows at Low Mach Number
TF-119 (Aug-10) R. Bhaskaran, S.K. Lele Large Eddy Simulation of High Pressure Turbine Cascade
TF-120 (Jun-10) M. Shoeybi, P. Moin A Hybrid Implicit-Explicit Method for the LES of Compressible Flows on Unstructured Grids
TF-121 (Mar-11) E.M. Doran, H. Pitsch A Multi-Dimensional Flamelet Model for Ignition in Multi-Feed Combustion Systems
TF-122 (Jun-11) D. Richter, G. Iaccarino The Effects of Viscoelasticity on the Transitioning Cylinder Wake
TF-123 (Apr-11) M.J. Benson, J.K. Eaton 3D Velocity and Scalar Field Diagnostics Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging with Applications in Film-Cooling
TF-124 (Aug-10) B.O. Kolade, J.K. Eaton Experimental Investigation of a Three-Dimensional Separated Diffuser
TF-125 (Jul-11) D. Kim, P. Moin Direct Numerical Simulation of Two-Phase Flows with Application to Air Layer Drag Reduction
TF-126 (Jul-11) D.B. Helmer, J.K. Eaton Measurements of a Three-Dimensional Shock-Boundary Layer Interaction
TF-127 (Jun-12) K. P. Lo, J. Eaton Flow Separation Control for Robust Conical Diffuser Design
TF-128 (Jun-12) D.A. Philips, G. Iaccarino Modeling Scalar Dispersion in Urban Environments
TF-129 (Jun-12) J. Axerio-Cilies, G. Iaccarino Predicting Formula 1 Tire Aerodynamics: Sensitivities, Uncertainties & Optimization
TF-130 (Jun-12) A.M. Padilla, J.K. Eaton The Effect of Upstream Pertubations on 3D Annular Diffusers
TF-131 (Jun-12) E. Issakhanian, J.K. Eaton 3D Velocity and Scalar Field Measurements of Discrete Hole Film Cooling Flows
TF-132 (Jun-12) T. Sayadi, P. Moin Numerical Simulation of Controlled Transition to Developed Turbulence in Zero-Pressure-Gradient Flat-Plate Boundary Layer
TF-133 (Jun-12) V. Le Chenadec, H. Pitsch A Stable and Conservative Framework for Detailed Numerical Simulation of Primary Atomization
TF-134 (Jun-13) C. Schmitt, H. Pitsch A Hydrodynamic/Acoustic Splitting Approach for the Prediction of Combustion Induced Noise
TF-135 (Jan-12) A. Sharma, S.K. Lele Acoustic Sources in Turbulent Mixing Layers: Effect of Heating and Initial Boundary Layer State
TF-136 (Jun-12) V. Mittal, H. Pitsch A Multi-Regime Combustion Model for Reactive Flow in Internal Combustion Engines
TF-137 (Nov-13) S.T. Bose, P. Moin Explicitly Filtered Large-Eddy Simulation: With Application to Grid Adaptation and Wall Modeling
TF-138 (Jul-14) J. Ling, J.K. Eaton Improvements in Turbulent Scalar Mixing Modeling for Trailing Edge Slot Film Cooling Geometries: A Combined Experimental and Computational Approach
TF-139 (Jul-14) L. Campo, J.K. Eaton Effects of Shock Strength, Confinement, and Geometric Perturbations on Shock Boundary Layer Interactions
TF-140 (Jun-12) M.E. Mueller, H. Pitsch Large Eddy Simulation of Soot Evolution in Turbulent Reacting Flows
TF-141 (Sep-14) G.I. Park, P. Moin Wall-Modeled Large Eddy Simulation in an Unstructured Mesh Environment
TF-142 (Jan-14) K. Narayanaswamy, H. Pitsch Chemical Kinetic Modeling of Jet Fuel Surrogates
TF-143 (Apr-14) M. Emory, G. Iaccarino Estimating Model-Form Uncertainty in Reynolds-Averaged Navier-Stokes Closures
TF-144 (May-15) S.D. Yapa, J.K. Eaton Turbulent Coolant Dispersion in the Wake of a Turbine Vane Trailing Edge
TF-145 (Mar-15) E.L. Sayles, J.K. Eaton Sensitivity of Separated Flow in a Three-Dimensional, Asymmetric Diffuser to Inlet Condition Perturbations
TF-146 (Mar-16) M. Mortazavi, A. Mani Air Entrainment and Micro-Bubble Generation by Turbulent Breaking Waves
TF-147 (Mar-16) N. Kseib, G. Iaccarino Data Driven and Uncertainty Aware Physical Modeling
TF-148 (Jun-16) C. Druzgalski, A. Mani Direct Numerical Simulation of Electroconvective Chaos Near an Ion-Selective Membrane
TF-149 (Jun-16) Y. Lu, M. Ihme Embedded Entropy Concept for Fluid Dynamic Simulations with Discontinuous Galerkin Scheme
TF-150 (Jan-17) J. Seo, A. Mani Direct Numerical Simulations of Turbulent Flows over Superhydrophobic Surfaces
TF-151 (Apr-17) C.B. Ivey, P. Moin Geometric Volume-of-Fluid Framework for Simulating Two-Phase Flows on Unstructured Meshes
TF-152 (Jun-17) M. H. Pour Ansari, E. Darve, A. Mani Fast Linear Algebra Algorithms with Applications in Computational Flow Physics
TF-153 (Sep-17) J.A. Dunnmon, M. Ihme Development of X-Ray Absorption Diagnostics for Gas-Phase Reacting Flows
TF-154 (Sep-17) A. Frankel, G. Iaccarino, A. Mani Modeling Radiation Transport in Particle-Laden Turbulent Media
TF-155 (Sep-17) J.D. O’Brien, M. Ihme Hybrid Modeling of Engine Core Noise
TF-156 (Sep-17) S.M. Davidson, A. Mani A Comprehensive Investigation of Electroconvection in Canonical Electrochemical Environments
TF-157 (Jan-18) H. Abdehkakha, G. Iaccarino Computational Modeling of Wall-Bounded Particle-Laden Turbulent Flows
TF-158 (Jan-18) S. Alizadeh, A. Mani Nonlinear Electrokinetic Transport in Microscale and Nanoscale Porous Structures
TF-159 (Jan-18) K. Grogan, M. Ihme Modeling and Simulation of Non-Ideal Combustion
TF-160 (Apr-18) A.J. Banko, J.K. Eaton Radiation Absorption by Inertial Particles in a Turbulent Square Duct Flow
TF-161 (Apr-18) P.C. Ma, M. Ihme Modeling of Turbulent Mixing and Combustion at Transcritical Conditions 
TF-162 (Apr-18) H. Wu, M. Ihme Numerical Simulations of Turbulent Reacting Flows with Finite-Rate Chemistry and Combustion-Model Adaptation
TF-163 (Sep-18) H. J. Bae, P. Moin Investigation of Dynamic Subgrid-Scale and Wall Models for Turbulent Boundary Layers
TF-164 (Sep-18) C. Chen, E.F. Darve Parallel Hierarchical Linear Solvers and Fast Multipole Methods with Applications
TF-165 (Sep-18) S. Ganguli, S.K. Lele Computational Analysis of Canonical Problems Arising in the Interaction of Heated Particles and a Fluid
TF-166 (Sep-18) J.A.K.  Horwitz, A. Mani Verifiable Point-Particle Methods for Two-Way Coupled Particle-Laden Flows
TF-167 (Sep-18) Q. Wang, M. Ihme A Regularized Deconvolution Method for Large-Eddy Simulations of Multiphase Reacting Flows
TF-168 (Jan-19) D.D. Borup, C.J. Elkins, J.K. Eaton 3D Particle Concentration Measurement in Turbulent Flows Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging
TF-169 (Apr-19) M. Bassene, P. Moin, J. Urzay Subgrid-Scale Modeling and Wavelet Analysis for Preferential Concentration of Inertial Point Particles in Turbulence Flows
TF-170 (Aug-18) C.W. Hamman, P. Moin Numerical Experiments in Thermal Convection With and Without Mean Shear
TF-171 (Aug-19) S. Mirjalili, A. Mani A Novel Diffuse Interface Method for Two-Phase Flows and Application in Simulation of Micro-Bubble Entrainment
TF-172 (Jul-19) D.S. Ching, C.J. Elkins, J.K. Eaton Geometric Sensitivity, Wake Dynamics, and Machine Learning Turbulence Modeling on a Skewed Bump
TF-173 (Sep-19) K.M. Wang, A. Mani On the Scale Dependence of Flow Structures and Transport in Chaotic Electroconvection 
TF-174 (Dec-20) S. Sobhani, M. Ihme Computational and Experimental Investigation of Flow and Combustion Physics in Porous Media
TF-175 (Dec-20) Z. del Rosario, G. Iaccarinio Precision Margin: First-Principles Margins for Aircraft Design under Uncertainty
TF-176 (Dec-20) P.M. Milani, J. Ling, J.K. Eaton Machine Learning Approaches to Model Turbulent Mixing in Film Cooling Flows
TF-177 (Dec-20) W.H.R. Chan, P. Moin The Bubble Breakup Cascade in Turbulent Breaking Waves and Its Implications on Subgrid-Scale Modeling
TF-178 (Mar-21) E. Ching, M. Ihme Development of High-Order Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Simulations of High-Speed Particle-Laden Fluid Flows
TF-179 (Mar-21) H. Torres, G. Iaccarino Simulations of Particle Laden Turbulence in a Radiation Environment Using Heterogeneous High Performance Computing Systems
TF-180 (Mar-21) H. Pacella, G. Iaccarino Modern Programming Models for GPU-Accelerated Heterogeneous Supercomputers: Computational Fluid Dynamics and In-Situ Data Compression
TF-181 (Aug-21) N. Schiavone, A. Marsden, J.K. Eaton Bioprosthetic Pulmonary Valve Hemodynamics in Tetralogy of Fallot Patients
TF-182 (Dec-21) S.S. Jain, P. Moin, A. Mani A Novel Diffuse-Interface Model and Numerical Methods for Compressible Turbulent Two-Phase Flows and Scalar Transport
TF-183 (Dec-21) D.W. Hoffman, J.K. Eaton The Role of Turbulence in the Aggregation of Ash Particles in Volcanic Plumes
TF-184 (Mar-22) J.F. Heyse, G. Iaccarino Data-driven and Physics-Constrained Uncertainty Quantification for Turbulence Models
TF-185 (Mar-22) H. Hwang, P. Moin Optimized Amplification of Interface Distortions on Liquid Jets
TF-186 (Jun-22) Y. Shirian, A. Mani Application of Macroscopic Forcing Method (MFM) for Revealing Turbulence Closure Model Requirements
TF-187 (Jun-22) S. Harris, P. Moin Some Numerical Considerations for Prediction of Laminar-Turbulent Transition in Boundary Layers
TF-188 J.H. Kim, J.K. Eaton The Temperature Coupling Effects in Radiatively Heated Particle-Laden Flows
TF-189 (Dec-22) K.P. Griffin, P. Moin Modeling and Simulation of Wall-bounded Turbulent Flows with Pressure-gradient and Compressibility Effects